Ebay to “I”bay

Follow it. Find it. Make it yours.

That’s the new tagline for the infamous online marketplace boasting their new interface. Ebay announced their plan of making their marketplace more manageable for both buyers and sellers.

Have a look at their new page, users can now follow other users, collections or interests, establish their own profiles and curate their collections. This might seem like Ebay has decided to move towards a social media outlook. The new interface could be rumoured to mimic the functions of the social media site Pinterest. Where Ebay has allowed users to categorise their products or likes within a labelled portfolio, and users can even chose to share their likes!

The new interface is definitely more appealing and less messy than the previous ones. I’m even starting to enjoy spending time on the site trying to make my profile appealing. Yikes!
Not a good predictor for my future expenses.
How do you users think about the new interface? Yay or Nay?



Pay With a Kiss? Xx

Dear lovely caffeinated enthusiasts,

Put away your daily $3.50 per cup of coffee, and head to Metro St.James Cafe. This sweet little bistro has just recently opened in March 2013, and has had such a great impact from their social media campaign.

Metro St.James posted a videos and updates in both their Facebook and Youtube accounts, showing the idea that, instead of paying $3.50 for a cup of coffee, you can instead pay by smooching your partner, but it has to be a real kiss!!

Customers were raving at how unique the idea was, as it turned a humdrum cafe into a romantic French feel. Their ads were virally spread, the efficiency of which was helped by the positive Word of Mouth spread by consumers online.
I’ll need to grab a partner before heading there 😉
How much would you pay for a coffee?