Pay With a Kiss? Xx

Dear lovely caffeinated enthusiasts,

Put away your daily $3.50 per cup of coffee, and head to Metro St.James Cafe. This sweet little bistro has just recently opened in March 2013, and has had such a great impact from their social media campaign.

Metro St.James posted a videos and updates in both their Facebook and Youtube accounts, showing the idea that, instead of paying $3.50 for a cup of coffee, you can instead pay by smooching your partner, but it has to be a real kiss!!

Customers were raving at how unique the idea was, as it turned a humdrum cafe into a romantic French feel. Their ads were virally spread, the efficiency of which was helped by the positive Word of Mouth spread by consumers online.
I’ll need to grab a partner before heading there 😉
How much would you pay for a coffee?