Ebay to “I”bay

Follow it. Find it. Make it yours.

That’s the new tagline for the infamous online marketplace boasting their new interface. Ebay announced their plan of making their marketplace more manageable for both buyers and sellers.

Have a look at their new page, users can now follow other users, collections or interests, establish their own profiles and curate their collections. This might seem like Ebay has decided to move towards a social media outlook. The new interface could be rumoured to mimic the functions of the social media site Pinterest. Where Ebay has allowed users to categorise their products or likes within a labelled portfolio, and users can even chose to share their likes!

The new interface is definitely more appealing and less messy than the previous ones. I’m even starting to enjoy spending time on the site trying to make my profile appealing. Yikes!
Not a good predictor for my future expenses.
How do you users think about the new interface? Yay or Nay?



Have You Heard a Coke?

To my fellow Coke/Spotify fans,
Source AdNews

Following the Share a Coke campaign which launched last summer in social, outdoor and digital platforms. Coke has yet revealed another creative experience for its customers. The new edition to the campaign has integrated the use of Spotify to undergo this idea.  

The aim of the campaign is to help Australians reconnect with their friends and family, whilst reliving special memories through the sharing of music. This could be assessed thru the QR codes and URL printed on the Coke cans. The series of Coke bottles between the years 1938 to 2012 will be launched, along with the QR codes and URL link printed on the packaging. The codes will thus link customers using their mobile phones or into their Spotify desktop program, to 50 significant songs based on the year printed on the Cola pack.              Image

Source Opinions of the Lab
The campaign will run until December, promoting the fact that now, consumers will not only be able to share Coke cans specialised to their loved ones, but also through the use of music, nostalgic memories linked to that certain period and Coke packaging, could also be shared and relived. This movement marks the first time Coke has ever advertised on a local musical platform. 

music is a universal connector for people across cultures and generations, as well as an emotive connector 
-Lucie Austin, Coca Cola South-Pacific Marketing Director

This is their current Spotify interface


Source Coca-Cola Company 

Which not only allows users to share tracks, but engaging users globally through pinning their favourite places alongside their music, using Facebook Places. 

Reminds you of some companies creating a playlist on Spotify such as Herbal Essences, trying to connect with their customers on a melodious level doesn’t it? It’s amazing recognising the efforts of such a big company like Coca Cola, still attempting to promote itself so extravagantly. This will hopefully encourage customers to buy Coke bottles not only for the sake of drinking it, but also unlocking the 50 tracks and collect iconic Coke packaging. 
It certainly does revolutionise the way brands will need to promote and engage themselves in the current societal context. 

C’est La Vie! Xx

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The Hidden Clues of Iphone 5s

Fellow Geeks,

With Apple’s recent release of yet another Iphone on the 11th September 2013, were you as astonished as I was regarding the spontaneity of it?
There existed no formal pre-release promotion or hype as it did with it’s previous products, rather, I was greeted one morning with a “Hey Iphone 5s has been released!”.
Picture courtesy of Wallgood

But in all seriousness, Apple’s promotional strategy has made every element beneficial to the company, and ironically relies on the role of customers to do the advertising tasks on their behalf.
Here are some important points which I’ve observed form their strategy:

  • Secrecy
    Apple has attempted to ‘hide’ during the process of innovating their models. Unlike other technology companies where brands would intentionally promote it’s exciting product developments to create an anticipating link, Apple has decided to let it’s customers create rumours and decide for themselves what ‘ideally’ would be the next Iphone generation. No confirmation of the innovation’s characteristics are predetermined until the release of the product.
  • Leaks
    Within the period of release, the company has dropped several hints or leakages such as, a wider screen, which I suspect Apple intentionally does to tease it’s customers. The leaks however, ignites a hype among customers in conjunction to their ideal improved version of the gadget, which results in customer discussions and probable arguments.
    Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.43.21 PM
  • Social Buzz
    As noted, the majority of Apple’s promotion happens online, within technology forums such as Mac Rumors Forums, Mac World, Whirlpool ForumsThe firm occasionally sends out invitations to notable techno icons to Apple interview events to spread the message online.
  • Pre-order
    The idea of ordering products before the date of release was to built on the feel of anticipation. Loyal Apple and tech fanatics would most probably sign up to this,the news of which was also spread over the internet.
  • Sudden Release
    The unanticipated release of Apple’s new products within a short span of time, which was also officially announced online through Youtube channels and forums, left customers who were initially not expecting to focus the attention to Apple.

“Apple’s promotional strategy seems to relate to an investigation process, where customers act as detectives on behalf of the general public to piece the puzzles of leakages forming the final idealised product, which will be when Apple releases the product”

Picture courtesy of
 Financial Post

Due to it’s established brand and strong customer loyalties, Apple didn’t have to deliver traditional communications to it’s customers, rather customers would take on the proactive role in this context, to find out the latest details.

Do you think Iphone’s promotional strategy would survive on the long run?
Tell me what you beautiful minds think!

C’est La Vie!xx


Beauty & The Beast

Dear Readers,                                                                                                                          Hitting an end towards the year, we must’ve had several highlights on some good and ugly social media examples! Here are my top picks of 2013’s Beauty & the Beast

Water is Life “Hashtag Killer”                                                                                                
Have you witnessed the social media phenomenon in the hashtag platform labelled as “#firstworldproblems“? The term was originally phrased by users of Twitter to compliment posts about trivial life afflictions adding an exaggerating element on how big their problems are. For example:                                                                            

“Need to have a shower, but that would involve getting out of bed #firstworldproblems”


        Source from adverblog      

 However, thru this recent campaign, Water is Life has successfully utilised the actual meaning of the hashtag,implying that it really is a Real Problem. During the succession of the campaign, it has successfully raised 1 million dollars worth of clean water. This remains my favourite because users of Twitter began to utilise the hashtag in turn to raise awareness of the need for clean water message instead of describing their own situations. 

 Which just proves staying relevant to your consumers are important eh? 😉 

Onto the “beasty” side of things! 
The problem with viral marketing is that negative comments are generated and spread around very easily. 

American Apparel
With the recent Hurricane Sandy happening earlier in the year, the clothing brand American Apparel decided to mechanise it as a promotional opportunity and sent out an email blast communicating “The Hurricane Sandy Sale”, accompanied by the insensitive caption “In case you’re bored during the storm”. 

Source from abcnews

The brand suggested that a majority of their customers would be inside their homes with nothing to do and cozying up. What’s worse, instead of apologising, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney responded to the backlash by saying “We’re here to sell clothing. I’m sleeping well at night knowing this was not a serious matter.”
Not a very smart move American Apparel!!! 

The lesson to take here is that however strong the brand is, and may routinely mix humour with social issues, you should never capitalise on a serious crisis. 

What’s your 2013 highlights? Or any other year for that matter 😉

C’est La Vie, 

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Rise of the Gamification Era

 Bonjour Readers! 

It’s been over a week since I’ve yet to posted anything, my condolences to anticipating subscribers, but this “chic” has been busy!  😉

But I do hope that ya’ll are well. Anyways .. BACK TO MY AWESOMENESS

 This week, we’ll be putting our “nerd caps” on,


Source: Blogging4jobs

and we’ll be talking about …. GAMES! Girls, I know to us it might not seem very interesting, but those adorable Dumb Ways to Die games or the recent Minion Rush application is apart of a brand’s marketing scheme! 

“Play is not the opposite of work.” Instead, think of play as being at the root of gamification and when done well, people can engage in playful activities and still do business at the same time” -Dr. Stuart Brown

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign or work.(Blogging4jobs)                                                                                                  Here are three basic functions of games:

1)   Presents a Delightful Head Fake

Brands are promoting the use of games as their growth strategy, because customers are being marketed to without them realising it. Regardless of whether the game has a strong correlation with the products itself. Customers who are engaged with the game that is attention grabbing and interactive, are reluctant to think that it is provided for their entertainment. The game would thus serve as a trigger to remind customers of the brand and simultaneously check out the sections of the brands webpage or research more about it.

2)   Create Brand Advocates

Users who are highly fascinated by the game played would most probably invite their friends to come play along, through both social media platforms and word of mouth. Raising the awareness of the brand in totality. 

3)   Deeper Impressions

Just as repeated songs or advertisements gradually sink into our thoughts, the same principle is applied to the interactivity of games. It encourages users to remember who the brand is and what they stand for. 

Companies are, in my opinion, bringing their marketing tactics to the next level of merely straying in advertising platforms. It is not enough to inform customers, but simultaneously entertaining them is slowly becoming a required landmark. 

What do you think of the gaming era ?

Check out Magnum’s Pleasure Hunt game, I promise you it’s entertaining.                            Tell me your high scores 😉 

C’est La Vie! xx 



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Modernising the Checkered British Brand: E-Burberry


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From the “dull throwback brand selling raincoats for old people” to the revolutionised “157 year old global brand with a distinct British attitude”, Burberry’s progress of revitalisation definitely has been an inspiring one, not to mention their classic check plaid coats !!! Droooooollllllll !!! 

But, okay, in all serious matters (nerd mode on), aside from it’s 180 degree shift in image, their innovative digital marketing strategy is definitely a bonus.  Customers accessibility thru it’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel has directly contributed to it’s success. With over 15million likes in its Facebook account, the site Ranking the Brands has placed Burberry as the number one Fashion Brands engaged in social media (2012). 

Cool figures huh? How did they achieve that you ask? Burberry’s Facebook page aren’t only filled with a plethora of campaigns promoting their fashion, but also subjects that customers would be interested in, such as their recent Burberry Kiss campaign, and they even have an edition of Burberry Acoustics, which focuses on helping emerging indie acoustic musical talents to showcase their songs in the Burberry page. Its Twitter and Instagram account focuses on Burberry fashions, however, it’s Pinterest account are ironically not filled with posts about the brand itself, but rather it’s country of origin. 


Source from

Burberry has revolutionised the definition of how ‘luxury brands’ should come in contact with their customers. Shifting from distant snobbish figures, to highly interactive approachable brands. Burberry has managed to create a feel of accessibility, something that brands in the luxury sector has yet to achieve, which could prove to be important touch points. 


Source from

What other luxury brands do you think are also succeeding in the social media platform? This fashion blogging is really bad for me! (Opening my eyes to the beautiful products of Burberry! Shoes in Checkers!!!). 

Check out their Burberry Acoustic series, tell me which ones are your favourites!

C’est La Vie! Xx