Modernising the Checkered British Brand: E-Burberry


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From the “dull throwback brand selling raincoats for old people” to the revolutionised “157 year old global brand with a distinct British attitude”, Burberry’s progress of revitalisation definitely has been an inspiring one, not to mention their classic check plaid coats !!! Droooooollllllll !!! 

But, okay, in all serious matters (nerd mode on), aside from it’s 180 degree shift in image, their innovative digital marketing strategy is definitely a bonus.  Customers accessibility thru it’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel has directly contributed to it’s success. With over 15million likes in its Facebook account, the site Ranking the Brands has placed Burberry as the number one Fashion Brands engaged in social media (2012). 

Cool figures huh? How did they achieve that you ask? Burberry’s Facebook page aren’t only filled with a plethora of campaigns promoting their fashion, but also subjects that customers would be interested in, such as their recent Burberry Kiss campaign, and they even have an edition of Burberry Acoustics, which focuses on helping emerging indie acoustic musical talents to showcase their songs in the Burberry page. Its Twitter and Instagram account focuses on Burberry fashions, however, it’s Pinterest account are ironically not filled with posts about the brand itself, but rather it’s country of origin. 


Source from https://www.facebook.com/burberry

Burberry has revolutionised the definition of how ‘luxury brands’ should come in contact with their customers. Shifting from distant snobbish figures, to highly interactive approachable brands. Burberry has managed to create a feel of accessibility, something that brands in the luxury sector has yet to achieve, which could prove to be important touch points. 


Source from https://www.facebook.com/burberry/app_211238955591861

What other luxury brands do you think are also succeeding in the social media platform? This fashion blogging is really bad for me! (Opening my eyes to the beautiful products of Burberry! Shoes in Checkers!!!). 

Check out their Burberry Acoustic series, tell me which ones are your favourites!

C’est La Vie! Xx