Have You Heard a Coke?

To my fellow Coke/Spotify fans,
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Following the Share a Coke campaign which launched last summer in social, outdoor and digital platforms. Coke has yet revealed another creative experience for its customers. The new edition to the campaign has integrated the use of Spotify to undergo this idea.  

The aim of the campaign is to help Australians reconnect with their friends and family, whilst reliving special memories through the sharing of music. This could be assessed thru the QR codes and URL printed on the Coke cans. The series of Coke bottles between the years 1938 to 2012 will be launched, along with the QR codes and URL link printed on the packaging. The codes will thus link customers using their mobile phones or into their Spotify desktop program, to 50 significant songs based on the year printed on the Cola pack.              Image

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The campaign will run until December, promoting the fact that now, consumers will not only be able to share Coke cans specialised to their loved ones, but also through the use of music, nostalgic memories linked to that certain period and Coke packaging, could also be shared and relived. This movement marks the first time Coke has ever advertised on a local musical platform. 

music is a universal connector for people across cultures and generations, as well as an emotive connector 
-Lucie Austin, Coca Cola South-Pacific Marketing Director

This is their current Spotify interface


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Which not only allows users to share tracks, but engaging users globally through pinning their favourite places alongside their music, using Facebook Places. 

Reminds you of some companies creating a playlist on Spotify such as Herbal Essences, trying to connect with their customers on a melodious level doesn’t it? It’s amazing recognising the efforts of such a big company like Coca Cola, still attempting to promote itself so extravagantly. This will hopefully encourage customers to buy Coke bottles not only for the sake of drinking it, but also unlocking the 50 tracks and collect iconic Coke packaging. 
It certainly does revolutionise the way brands will need to promote and engage themselves in the current societal context. 

C’est La Vie! Xx

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10 thoughts on “Have You Heard a Coke?

  1. Coke have done it again! Coke’s marketing is always so innovative and forward thinking. I was watching the Gruen Planet last week and they were discussing some advertising by Coke. It is interesting how a product that has absolutely no benefits for the consumer other than ‘JOY’ can be so lucrative and popular.
    The branding behind Coke is incredible and the way that they are able to develop this association of ‘JOY’ and ‘Happiness’ with their brand is always so fantastic. Now leveraging further off the online sphere Coke are developing relationship with consumers more closely, engaging with them on an entirely new level.

    • Hi Corinne!
      Coke has definitely planned their positioning well huh? And yes that is an amazing fact, selling a drink that intoxicates you could be marketed as something hip and fun to associate with. In fact, one of their key ideas is to be able to have fun drinking Coke in every situation. Which is what has been implemented in the past campaigns. Coke is definitely stepping on every platform available which their customers are using. Redbull has been pretty inventive as well as Coke :p
      Thanks for your insight Corinne!

  2. Hi Grace! This is a really cool concept Coke has thought up about! But, having need buy bottles of Coke to get the codes, isnt something i would do (being a health freak that i am). Perhaps this might put off some of its customers! What do u think about it ?

    • Hi Danson!
      Yes, I’m sure the idea of buying Coke just to unlock songs which you can just google online is a barrier. But those Coke collectibles are pretty cute! wouldn’t drink them though 😉

  3. Helloooooo, kind of agreeing with Danson! The concept is brilliant, but drinking 50 bottles of cokes is not cool! Maybe I should just share the drinks with my friends as the title of the campaign.

  4. That’s a cool way to retain its customers and gain more. This campaign will surely make consumers want to be involved with the brand because of music! Who doesn’t like music? I guess no one.

    • That’s definitely true VC! i love music! and I think that this continuous attempt of Coca Cola to be intact with their younger audiences places them on a right track!

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