Checking-In ?

Bonjour Beautiful Geeks,

Are you the type to purchase a cup of coffee or warm danish cruffins just for the sake of hogging a cafe’s internet? 
Well I’ve got good things ahead for you! 

The well renown social media platform, Facebook, has just recently announced its partnership with the Internet company, Cisco, on the 2nd October 2013. The agreement involves offering free Wifi to customers of a certain establishment as long as individuals check in to a business on Facebook. It offers a fast way to access free Wifi by simply checking in on Facebook. Regular posts about the business will then continuously update customers.

Source CMO

The two firms will thus be targeting more cafes, shops, hotels and public hubs, specifically small or recent establishments, in the hope of peaking their interests. The developed “checking in” element, will not only grant businesses the ability to showcase more promotions to their customers, and increase brand recognition, but also the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their customers. 

Guest access provisioning for most companies is a brutally difficult thing. First-time users have to set up a name and password. Among a lot of demographics, Facebook has become the de facto authentication method.  -Zeus Kerravala

Based on the data provided in Cisco Customer Experience Report 2013, 39 percent would share personal information in exchange for more discounts, personalized services, and sales promotions.This recently developed program instilled in Facebook would in my opinion decrease the required effort of businesses in researching about their customers. Previously, customers could also check in their locations on Four Square or even Facebook. However it doesn’t grant access of customer profile as this. 
Look how cheap we get sometimes! tsk tsk… 

Feel like you’re exposing yourself too much to businesses? Don’t worry, certain demographic information such as your real age (notice the bold font 😉 ),   residency, gender etc. will be the points of interests for these businesses. Check ins could also be set as private, and automated as well. So your late night endeavours and scandals are safe!! 

So BG’s, would you trade your profile for free Wifi? 
I’m definitely unsubscribing my internet at home! hahaha! 
Hope they get Starbucks to do it.

C’est La Vie! xx

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