Beauty & The Beast

Dear Readers,                                                                                                                          Hitting an end towards the year, we must’ve had several highlights on some good and ugly social media examples! Here are my top picks of 2013’s Beauty & the Beast

Water is Life “Hashtag Killer”                                                                                                
Have you witnessed the social media phenomenon in the hashtag platform labelled as “#firstworldproblems“? The term was originally phrased by users of Twitter to compliment posts about trivial life afflictions adding an exaggerating element on how big their problems are. For example:                                                                            

“Need to have a shower, but that would involve getting out of bed #firstworldproblems”


        Source from adverblog      

 However, thru this recent campaign, Water is Life has successfully utilised the actual meaning of the hashtag,implying that it really is a Real Problem. During the succession of the campaign, it has successfully raised 1 million dollars worth of clean water. This remains my favourite because users of Twitter began to utilise the hashtag in turn to raise awareness of the need for clean water message instead of describing their own situations. 

 Which just proves staying relevant to your consumers are important eh? 😉 

Onto the “beasty” side of things! 
The problem with viral marketing is that negative comments are generated and spread around very easily. 

American Apparel
With the recent Hurricane Sandy happening earlier in the year, the clothing brand American Apparel decided to mechanise it as a promotional opportunity and sent out an email blast communicating “The Hurricane Sandy Sale”, accompanied by the insensitive caption “In case you’re bored during the storm”. 

Source from abcnews

The brand suggested that a majority of their customers would be inside their homes with nothing to do and cozying up. What’s worse, instead of apologising, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney responded to the backlash by saying “We’re here to sell clothing. I’m sleeping well at night knowing this was not a serious matter.”
Not a very smart move American Apparel!!! 

The lesson to take here is that however strong the brand is, and may routinely mix humour with social issues, you should never capitalise on a serious crisis. 

What’s your 2013 highlights? Or any other year for that matter 😉

C’est La Vie, 

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9 thoughts on “Beauty & The Beast

  1. The American Apparel email was a pretty bad mistake. The lack of remorse also makes it worse – it’s one thing to make a genuine mistake or misunderstand the severity of a situation. Pretty insensitive way to talk about such a devastating event

  2. #firstworldproblem. I didnt expect that coming from a campaign! Always thought it was a random hashtag, however seeing how relevant it could get, becoming viral has lead to becoming the campaign’s success! It’s interesting how you took a take on the “beauty” and the “beast” between two campaigns, it really does contrast how going viral could bring good & also bad to a marketing strategy!

  3. Hi Grace! To be honest i am pretty slack when it comes to social media and i’m trying to rack my brain thinking of a highlight. I really loved the Bond’s Baby Campaign and how it heavily involved social media. They got such a huge response rate and the event seemed a lot bigger this year in comparison to others. As for the American Apparel incident… I am shocked. I have also heard some other bad press about them and it’s adding up to give me a really bad perception of the brand. Perhaps social media will be the undoing of these businesses which run with low social awareness or care. No one likes to know how money hungry a business really is. This CEO seems like the epitome of money over matter. Tut tut.

    • awww.. i took a look at the Bond’s baby campaign, can’t believe they’re doing a model hunt for babies! so adorable! yes, American Apparel did such a huge damage to their brand. How do you think they could revert that?

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