Modernising the Checkered British Brand: E-Burberry


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From the “dull throwback brand selling raincoats for old people” to the revolutionised “157 year old global brand with a distinct British attitude”, Burberry’s progress of revitalisation definitely has been an inspiring one, not to mention their classic check plaid coats !!! Droooooollllllll !!! 

But, okay, in all serious matters (nerd mode on), aside from it’s 180 degree shift in image, their innovative digital marketing strategy is definitely a bonus.  Customers accessibility thru it’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel has directly contributed to it’s success. With over 15million likes in its Facebook account, the site Ranking the Brands has placed Burberry as the number one Fashion Brands engaged in social media (2012). 

Cool figures huh? How did they achieve that you ask? Burberry’s Facebook page aren’t only filled with a plethora of campaigns promoting their fashion, but also subjects that customers would be interested in, such as their recent Burberry Kiss campaign, and they even have an edition of Burberry Acoustics, which focuses on helping emerging indie acoustic musical talents to showcase their songs in the Burberry page. Its Twitter and Instagram account focuses on Burberry fashions, however, it’s Pinterest account are ironically not filled with posts about the brand itself, but rather it’s country of origin. 


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Burberry has revolutionised the definition of how ‘luxury brands’ should come in contact with their customers. Shifting from distant snobbish figures, to highly interactive approachable brands. Burberry has managed to create a feel of accessibility, something that brands in the luxury sector has yet to achieve, which could prove to be important touch points. 


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What other luxury brands do you think are also succeeding in the social media platform? This fashion blogging is really bad for me! (Opening my eyes to the beautiful products of Burberry! Shoes in Checkers!!!). 

Check out their Burberry Acoustic series, tell me which ones are your favourites!

C’est La Vie! Xx




8 thoughts on “Modernising the Checkered British Brand: E-Burberry

  1. I agree that Burberry have done a fantastic job combining social media platforms to establish an engaging online presence. I think this is particularly important tieing in their shift in target market from ‘selling raincoats for old people’ to the younger generation featured in their advertising. Great read, thanks GC!

    • hey taylah! thanks for the wonderful comment =D yes!! especially since our generation is very closely linked to social media platforms, Burberry surely did a smart move upon their part huh? =p i love their trench coats as well!!! SUPER WANTT!!!!


  2. Wow! I didnt know that Burberry was so involved with social media. I really like the Burberry Acoustics page; and to me, it gives the brand this youthful feel which most brands are in need of ! One brand which I can think of succeeding in the social platforms is Abercrombie & Fitch, they really do have quite a large presence in the social world.

    • Yes!! it does shift its target from the oldies to the youth so quickly =p and the acoustics are very enjoyable to hear! it’s not like those brand related songs =p very mellow!! Abercombie is very active as well! But most of their campaigns are restricted to good looking men, which is kind of dull to me =p

      • Hahaha yes I have heard of them! I had my (girl) friends drooling over those A&F models, really hyping up their campaigns especially those in Singapore. That aside, I think Burberry is really doing good with that! Really appeals to me and that i can relate to being music 🙂

      • hahhhaha I would be one of your (girl) friends who drooled over those A&F models!! 😉
        Yes, its really great that Burberry are reaching to their customers to other relevant subjects! thanks for hte comment danson! 🙂

  3. Seriously, I did not know Burberry the number one Fashion Brands engaged in social media in 2012. They really did a good job rebranding themselves from how they were up till now. Definitely a luxury brand to deserve such amazing result. I think the Acoustic is really an interesting strategy on how they engage which is not a direct relation to the fashion industry. That lead me to see this article:

    An interesting way to put quality music with luxury brand. Definitely a great marketing idea by Burberry, which seemingly was inspire by Louis Vuitton.

    • Wow! I didn’t know that LV started the ideas. I looked at the article! It was really good, seems like all the elements of LV’s social media are similar to Burberry. I did take a look at its Facebook page though, doesn’t seem as appealing and creative as burberry’s =p
      Thank you for sharing that Michael!

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