Rise of the Gamification Era

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 This week, we’ll be putting our “nerd caps” on,


Source: Blogging4jobs

and we’ll be talking about …. GAMES! Girls, I know to us it might not seem very interesting, but those adorable Dumb Ways to Die games or the recent Minion Rush application is apart of a brand’s marketing scheme! 

“Play is not the opposite of work.” Instead, think of play as being at the root of gamification and when done well, people can engage in playful activities and still do business at the same time” -Dr. Stuart Brown

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign or work.(Blogging4jobs)                                                                                                  Here are three basic functions of games:

1)   Presents a Delightful Head Fake

Brands are promoting the use of games as their growth strategy, because customers are being marketed to without them realising it. Regardless of whether the game has a strong correlation with the products itself. Customers who are engaged with the game that is attention grabbing and interactive, are reluctant to think that it is provided for their entertainment. The game would thus serve as a trigger to remind customers of the brand and simultaneously check out the sections of the brands webpage or research more about it.

2)   Create Brand Advocates

Users who are highly fascinated by the game played would most probably invite their friends to come play along, through both social media platforms and word of mouth. Raising the awareness of the brand in totality. 

3)   Deeper Impressions

Just as repeated songs or advertisements gradually sink into our thoughts, the same principle is applied to the interactivity of games. It encourages users to remember who the brand is and what they stand for. 

Companies are, in my opinion, bringing their marketing tactics to the next level of merely straying in advertising platforms. It is not enough to inform customers, but simultaneously entertaining them is slowly becoming a required landmark. 

What do you think of the gaming era ?

Check out Magnum’s Pleasure Hunt game, I promise you it’s entertaining.                            Tell me your high scores 😉 

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Modernising the Checkered British Brand: E-Burberry


Source from http://www.fatorestilo.com/burberry-lanca-programa-de-bolsas-de-estudos/22355/

From the “dull throwback brand selling raincoats for old people” to the revolutionised “157 year old global brand with a distinct British attitude”, Burberry’s progress of revitalisation definitely has been an inspiring one, not to mention their classic check plaid coats !!! Droooooollllllll !!! 

But, okay, in all serious matters (nerd mode on), aside from it’s 180 degree shift in image, their innovative digital marketing strategy is definitely a bonus.  Customers accessibility thru it’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel has directly contributed to it’s success. With over 15million likes in its Facebook account, the site Ranking the Brands has placed Burberry as the number one Fashion Brands engaged in social media (2012). 

Cool figures huh? How did they achieve that you ask? Burberry’s Facebook page aren’t only filled with a plethora of campaigns promoting their fashion, but also subjects that customers would be interested in, such as their recent Burberry Kiss campaign, and they even have an edition of Burberry Acoustics, which focuses on helping emerging indie acoustic musical talents to showcase their songs in the Burberry page. Its Twitter and Instagram account focuses on Burberry fashions, however, it’s Pinterest account are ironically not filled with posts about the brand itself, but rather it’s country of origin. 


Source from https://www.facebook.com/burberry

Burberry has revolutionised the definition of how ‘luxury brands’ should come in contact with their customers. Shifting from distant snobbish figures, to highly interactive approachable brands. Burberry has managed to create a feel of accessibility, something that brands in the luxury sector has yet to achieve, which could prove to be important touch points. 


Source from https://www.facebook.com/burberry/app_211238955591861

What other luxury brands do you think are also succeeding in the social media platform? This fashion blogging is really bad for me! (Opening my eyes to the beautiful products of Burberry! Shoes in Checkers!!!). 

Check out their Burberry Acoustic series, tell me which ones are your favourites!

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Guidelines for Posts on Different Social Mediums?

Guidelines for Posts on Different Social Mediums?

So… I was really bored, and look what I came across on Pinterest!
Yeap, basically sums up the basic elements and timeframes. Someone’s been stalking users!!!

Definitely a handy summary for companies new to this trend.
The diagram’s kind of “out of date” though, the “hashtag” element should be added to every social platform requirement! Hahhaah! I’m obsessed with hashtags!

Well, back to working on my 2nd weekly blogpost, cause I love you readers that much! hah!
In the meantime, What do you think are additional requirements to uploading posts today? Lemme know 😉

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The hashtag revolution began most significantly from the social networking platform “Twitter”, which then expanded into multiple mediums such as “Instagram” and just recently, “Facebook” has caught onto this trend.

Just as a formality, Hashtags serve primarily to group messages by topics, granting an ease of access to a diverse pool of conservations associated with it for people interested with that specific frame of discussions, pretty neat huh?

Its former purposes was to organize messages within “Twitter”, but today, companies are starting to recognize its benefits and leveraging it towards their promotional mechanisms.  The tool allows firms to target specific groups based on their interests or topics, engaging consumer discussions. This benefits both the consumers – in which consumers not only could easily access the pool of information, but also simultaneously connect them with a community who shares the same interests, and for the brand itself – it not only helps in raising awareness, but also learning more about their targeted customers and budding a relationship with them, plus it’s free!  

The strategic use of hashtags which could be observed amongst active brand at the moment, could be categorized into four dimensions:

1)   Hashtags for certain events

Events such as #Coachella has built their promotional strategy mainly around the mechanisms of social media, primarily getting users to hashtag the event on Instagram.

2)   Hashtags for a campaign



“Cover Girl” could be arecent example of how they used the hashtag system to get customers and experts hyped about their products. Their recent tag #EasyBreezySummer on Facebook, reached a wider range of audience due to numbers of events such as the Premios Juventud award tagging the campaign into their event, exposing its audience towards Cover Girl’s campaign.

3)   Hashtags to refer a brand

4)   Hashtags to unrelated subjects



Many brands have been smart in coupling its promotional hashtags with timely tags that are of trending topics. Strabucks for example incorporated the hashtag #heatwave together with its status updates on drinks, in relevance to how its thirst quenching drinks could be an aid to the heatwave within the states. Although its tags might be unrelated to the brand itself, it is a good way for the brand to engage in a broader conversation and remaining relevant.

Could hashtags thus, also serve simultaneously not only as an organizing tool of topics for users, but also an organizing of target markets for firms itself?
 Found any interesting hashtags? Feel free to share the buzz!


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In honour of my first blog post, this would hopefully be a page where us girls could intellectually discuss the business strategies of companies that peak our interests! Hence, fashion, beauty, brands, celebrities, and technically more clothes!

The page is so-called “beautiful geeks” in an attempt to flourish the beautiful minds of our beautiful readers with entrepreneurial discussions on beautiful things!
For a measurable amount of time, my posts would be majorly involved with the emerging trends of how companies use social media as a primary communications platform. Feel free to contribute or suggest towards the discussions here.

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